Matching your business to the right export opportunities just got simpler.

Bioenterprise Corporation is proud to present our members with special partner access to the Magnet Export Business Portal.

A first-of-its-kind in North America, the Magnet Export Business Portal harnesses intelligent matching technology to help businesses in agriculture navigate and identify relevant export-related funding, events, trade missions and resources.
If you’re not exporting yet, creating an account is still a good business idea. Look beyond the Canadian market - there are countless benefits to exporting. 

Our members will: 

  • Receive customized updates and information on export-related services, funding, resources and more 
  • Learn of newly launched export opportunities and trade missions that match your business 
  • Customize your dashboard and get information delivered right to your inbox 

This free service identifies actionable export-related events, programs and resources, and then proactively delivers them to your inbox. In addition to reflecting your industry, sector and location, the content you’ll receive is tailored to your export-readiness, so there’s value here for both experienced or novice exporters.
For a quick overview of the service, watch this video. 

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The Magnet Export Business Portal is free. We hope you take this opportunity to sign up, and activate profile and preferences today.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up – and it’s free.

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Agriculture is a major contributor to Canada’s economy. Supporting the development of innovative agri-based products, technologies, or services is necessary to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the agri-sector. Together, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies (OAFT) and Bioenterprise Corporation are providing businesses with a new tool to easily connect to funding, trade programs and  resources to support the growth of agri-businesses.
Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How OAFT’s member services ensure that Ontario producers have access the resources needed to compete globally and develop new market opportunities

  • What it means to be a member of Bioenterprise, and how the organization works hands-on with businesses to provide customized advisory services and technical expertise to grow 

  • How the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs can support your business to grow and scale

  • How to save both time and money searching for relevant trade opportunities by creating a free account on the Magnet Export Business Portal

Regardless of your export-readiness, in this webinar on Tuesday October 2nd, you’ll discover a wide array of people, events, programs and resources designed to help your business grow and expand.


 Click here to reserve your spot now!