Paul Richards

Paul Richards is an accomplished economic development professional with a proven track record of accelerating business growth. As Regional Manager for Innovacorp, Nova Scotia’s early stage venture capital organization. Paul focused on enabling knowledge-based companies to accelerate the commercialization of their technologies and to create a dynamic high-growth entrepreneur culture in Nova Scotia. A key priority in his work is the development of the Innovacorp Demonstration Centre for the Bio-resource Economy which is a facility aimed to help support the sector to create high-value opportunities in the rural regions.

Paul worked at the Atlantic Canadian Opportunities Agency where he lead several transformative initiatives including the bourgeoning wine sector, tidal power, apple industry and the commercialization of academic research.

Paul served as the Director of Business Development for the Acadia Centre of Social and Business Development where he conducted over 75 consulting projects, supported the creation of over 500 small businesses and developed and implemented International Development Programming that supported the creation and growth of the SME sector in developing and developed economies including Nigeria, Mozambique, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Egypt, Qatar, New Zealand.