“Bioenterprise continues to provide us with their deep level of knowledge and experience, including market research, connections and help with our pitch.”

“The team at Bioenterprise gave us the strength of a nationwide family standing with us. While away in an unfamiliar ecosystem trying to get our message heard, the Bioenterprise team ensured we moved forward in pursuit of global partnerships with the confidence to face billion-dollar agriculture firms.” 

“Bioenterprise helped negotiate WIN’s purchase of assets from the University of Guelph. This was not a simple task and Bioenterprise helped us launch, which was a real value to us.  I continue to meet regularly with business advisors from Bioenterprise.  They have been like a Board of Directors that I can discuss new opportunities and projects with.”

“Bioenterprise helped with patent applications, pricing models and advertising materials and connecting me with strategic partners. I’ve been really impressed by them – they have been a real help.  I am confident they’ll be equally helpful with the next big challenges.”

“Bioenterprise helped develop pitch decks, secure funding and made important connections with industry partners.  They’re a great resource for us, and they’ve been there through each stage of the development of our company.”

“I have turned to Bioenterprise several times for support. They helped me source market data, connect with industry contacts and provided all-important reality checks. They were also a really good sounding board. They are a really good resource.”










There is more to helping a company become successful than launching a new product or raising private capital – We surveyed our entrepreneurs and they acknowledged that since working with Bioenterprise, they experienced significant growth in many areas, critical to building a successful and sustainable company.

Ability to raise capital and attract investment 65%

Growth in Strategic Expertise 84%

Growth in Market Valuation 72%

Ability to Hire and Retain Employees 70%

Success Stories