Why Should I Blog?

Why Should I Blog?

As a marketing professional at Bioenterprise I use a suite of marketing, communication and event activities, and strategies to achieve our marketing goals – one of which is our company blog. As the marketing department regularly supports our team with blogging motivation and discussion to help them conceptualize a topic, I was inspired to capture some of my thoughts on the numerous benefits of a company blog!

The Blogging Benefits

Website Traffic
Sharing original content like blogs, helps to drive traffic to the website and aids the ‘awareness phase’ in the customer buying cycle. Disseminating blogs through social media generates exposure to new audiences, who are seeking information on that very topic.

Our blog compliments our social media strategy, as it is important for us to share high-quality content with our followers.

A great blog can also boost organic search engine results. The more views a blog receives, the higher the search ranking a website receives, which means... more traffic to the website (I’m winking at this point!). As a result, a blog can continue to receive exposure even after sharing the next blog.

Establish Thought-Leadership
During a customer’s ‘consideration phase’ of their buying cycle, they are trying to learn about available solutions, trusted sources of information, and whether a business can meet their needs. I am fortunate to work with brilliant individuals who create content, which helps promote and demonstrate our technical and commercialization support expertise within our sector.

While the content shared in these great blogs advances our marketing goals, they also help to grow their own networks as well as position them as business professionals and subject-matter experts. Our team is encouraged to post their blogs on their LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

Lead Generation
A blog can help promote a business during the awareness and consideration phases, while also serving as a useful tool to grow business leads. This can be achieved by including a ‘call to action’ for your prospective customer. Whether you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, pick up the phone, or request more information, a call to action is an instruction designed to generate a response from the reader.

Additionally, blogs can be used facilitate the collection of contact information from potential buyers and can occur as an exchange to access guides, toolkits or resources. The active step to supply contact details generates deal flow, and the opportunity to convert prospective customers into paying customers!

If you are managing a list of media contacts, your blog content could be of interest to smaller trade publications that do not create their own content.

The Blogging Blues
While the benefits make a strong case for a company blog, you can’t ignore the challenges. Like anything worth doing, it requires time. Even harder still, it requires creativity to develop new and engaging content on a regular basis.

A couple ways our team is encouraged to overcome their writer’s block is to consider topics related to their current projects, or industry trends and challenges affecting our agri- entrepreneurs. It’s safe to say, it’s much easier to write a blog about something you are currently entrenched in or already growing as an expert on the topic.

For example, this blog was inspired by discussions I have been having with our team, as well as my own evaluation of our marketing strategies.

(... hmmm, those are the only cons I can think of!)

So, We Blog!
For Bioenterprise, our blog supports the growth of our business and our team. Depending on your marketing strategies, a blog could be an effective resource to engage your existing network and reach new audiences.

If you are trying to grow your agri-business, whether through digital marketing strategies, operational optimization or preparing for investment, our team at Bioenterprise is here to help you. Connect with us, visit our website and get in touch – we would love to explore the ways we could help your business. (See, ‘call to action’! I couldn't resist!)

Jennifer Kalanda
Marketing Manager


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