Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Technology

Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Technology

Innovation is not only driven by consumer demands and technological advances, but also through communication with farmers and connecting them to the information they require.

Farmers have seen a revolution in technological advances to make agriculture more effective, efficient, and profitable. Producers have quickly adapted to precision agricultural technologies including global positioning system (GPS) systems that allow producers to track yields, steer and control equipment, monitor field conditions, and manage inputs. Within livestock, genomic tools have been exploited to assist producers in the selection of specific traits to improve the quality of their herd.

03.23 SW_AgConnection Body ImageBioenterprise works with entrepreneurs, providing due diligence, market research and technology assessments within the ag-tech sector including: agriculture, agri- food, and bio-based markets. The Bioenterprise team identified there was often a disconnect between entrepreneurs, their innovations, and farmers, as a result, the “Ag Connection” committee was formed. Ag Connection looks to bridge the communication gap between agri-tech innovators and the end users (i.e. farmers and associations).

Ag Connection will focus on two specific areas:

  1. Bridging the gap among producers, entrepreneurs, and industry
  2. Connect Bioenterprise staff with grassroots agriculture

As the Ag Connection initiative continues to develop, the team will reach out to connect with entrepreneurs, agricultural associations and farmers for their participation. Ag Connection is currently in its final development stage and will be officially launched next year!

Recently, the Ag Connection team arranged for the Bioenterprise team to tour the Livestock Research and Innovation Centre in Elora, Ontario, to learn more about the latest technologies utilized within the dairy industry. The farm tour provided an opportunity for the team to engage closely with agriculture, while improving their knowledge of dairy innovation. Various tours will continue to be planned throughout the year for staff to engage with the agriculture community.

For more information about Ag Connection, please email

Sophie Wotten
Events & Marketing Coordinator


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