A Brand New Player that’s Rocking the Ice Cream Game!

A Brand New Player that’s Rocking the Ice Cream Game!

There’s nothing quite like a big scoop of ice cream, whether it’s served after a delicious meal, or savoured during a walk along the beach. However, like anyone else who is lactose intolerant, I am always searching for the perfect ice cream that won’t cause me discomfort. My options tend to be limited to sorbet, and while delicious, I still crave the creamy texture of ice cream. The most common plant-based milk substitutes used for dairy-free ice cream are full of fat including coconut milk, almond milk and soymilk. Coconut milk is most commonly used because its fat content is most comparable to full-fat dairy, which is in between whole milk and heavy cream. Thus, offering that perfect creamy texture you look for in an ice cream. A drawback to coconut milk is its strong flavour, which is sometimes less than desirable in a classic vanilla ice cream.

Enter tigernut milk ice cream! The Chufa Co. introduced a non-dairy ice cream made with organic tigernuts seems to solve all these issues and provides healthy nutritional profiles. It's a game-changer in the non-dairy category because it's a vegan ice cream that's rich and creamy without a hint of coconut. It's soy and nut free, as well as high in fibre and protein. I bet you would even mistake it for the 'real-thing'! The best part - it's made with only organic, non-GMO, REAL ingredients! By enjoying their tigernut milk ice-cream, I am able to promote healthy eating without compromising on that same delicious taste.

The Base - The tigernuts used for Ice Cream Making

04.13.2018 Jolin- Chufa Co Ice Cream Tigernuts, also known as ‘chufas’ in Spanish, are not nuts, but little root vegetables with an impressive nutritional profile. They are an ancient superfood that dates all the way back to our paleolithic ancestors. The fibre content from these tubers is superior to prunes, chia seeds and whole grains – tigernuts can easily increase satiability and maintain a healthy digestive system. Additionally, they are full of prebiotics that feed and promote the good bacteria in our gut. As if that wasn’t enough, they have a natural sweetness that makes it easy to include in any diet. The

‘milk’ produced from tigernuts serves as a great substitute for animal-based sources, such as cows, goats, or sheep. This is because it contains 100% healthy fats and is a rich source of vitamin E and C, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. Researchers have found that the nutrients in tigernuts could potentially prevent diabetes and fight hypertension and cholesterols. Therefore, it is a great option for individuals who desire to develop a balanced diet and promote healthy life habits.

Understanding the ingredients in the Tiger nut ice cream - The dairy-free ice creams from The Chufa Co.

The Chufa Co. ingredients are quite simple and that’s what makes it so unique! We are proud that all ingredients used, like coconut oil and plant-based protein powder, are organic and green label. The new era for ice cream has begun. It is definitely a game-changer for people with many sort of dietary restrictions, since its non-dairy, soy and nut free. Tiger nuts are steadily gaining recognition and the Chufa Co. driven to become unrivaled in the non-dairy industry.

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Jolin Wang
Food Technician and Production Advisor , The Chufa Co.
Bioenterprise Recent Graduate & Mentorship Program


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