New Graduate Employment and Mentorship Program

New Graduate Employment and Mentorship Program

Realities for New Grads Entering the Workforce

As a new graduate, entering the workforce can be very intimidating. Post-secondary institutions place a strong emphasis on academic performance, leaving new graduates feeling as if they are lacking the skills required for successful entry into the workforce.

Ultimately, university teaches you the skills to learn. Although you may not remember every detail behind the biology of the cell, you will have developed efficient research and analytical skills. For example, although obtaining a Master of Science may not be specialized towards a specific role, it proves that an individual has efficient learning capabilities, and experience doing scientific papers and presentations.

Unfortunately, many hiring managers avoid taking on new graduates and seek a minimum of two or more years of work experience. Although new graduates are eager to put their skills and knowledge to use, many struggle to find jobs in their field of study. Organizations want entry-level candidates with experience, but new graduates struggle to gain practical experience due to this very reason. New grads aren’t the only ones missing out.

Why Organizations Should Hire New Graduates

  1. Lower expected wages: Taking on seasoned employees is expensive whereas talented new graduates can be employed at entry-level rates. These new grads can bring innovative, new perspectives to your organization. There are also numerous programs that offer wage subsidies to promote hiring recent graduates.
  2. Increased competence in learning new skills: As continuous learners, graduates are likely to adjust quickly to a new role, and continue to seek aid to grow their skills.
  3. Decreased resistance to new company mandates/ protocols: With little experience, new graduates haven’t become habitual from previous roles. Therefore, they are more likely to adjust faster to your preferred methods of work.
  4. Increased technological efficacy: New graduates have grown up immersed in technology. As such, their experience with technology may be advantageous for accelerating the growth of your business. Technology is constantly changing the way business is done, and the concept of a mobile workplace continues to become increasingly important in the global marketplace. These new grads are able to bring fresh ideas, skills, and new insights on carrying out business.

Bioenterprise New Graduate Employment and Mentorship Program

Bioenterprise’s New Graduate Program pairs motivated and highly-qualified new graduates to positions that optimize their unique skillsets in the ag-tech sectors. Bioenterprise works with innovative companies from across Ontario to utilize the knowledge and skills of these graduates, thus promoting the growth of their businesses. Through a developed learning plan, Bioenterprise provides support and mentorship to ensure the graduates quickly become highly valuable additions to their new employers.

Cash flow and time spent recruiting and training are common obstacles that early stage businesses face. Through this program, the team at Bioenterprise takes on the initial task of screening candidates to alleviate the challenges of finding suitable applicants. By carefully vetting highly-qualified personnel, Bioenterprise helps connect companies with the most qualified candidates, who are equipped with the skills and education needed to excel in their new positions.

What Bioenterprise Has Done For Me

Over my four-month term in Bioenterprise’s Recent Grad Program, I have gained relevant skills and experience, which have allowed me to become a valuable addition for my current and future roles in the industry. Below are some specific examples of my extended learning experience gained from this program.

  • Built a network of professionals and peers on a similar path after graduation
  • Used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to organize and improve
  • customer interactions
  • Coordinated the development of company marketing plans
  • Assisted in business development and networking
  • Accessed online courses, enhancing my knowledge and obtaining an International Trade
  • Certificate
    • This course provided me with the ability to assess international market entry strategies, as well as the ability to ensure the success of an import/ export business by:
      • Conducting appropriate research
      • Selecting the most effective entry strategy
      • Evaluating research market entry options, analyzing them, and selecting the most effective strategy

The New Graduate and Mentorship Program provided me with the opportunity to work in a positive and inclusive environment that values diversity. The skilled team of analysts at Bioenterprise provided me with domain expertise in the various subsectors of agri-technology.

Bioenterprise provided me with the confidence and support to become a valuable full-time employee. In addition to the encouraging environment, Bioenterprise ensured I was able to further my education by participating in professional development courses. As I continue in my future endeavours, I will take forward new connections and skills to make positive efforts towards the growth and innovation in the ag-tech sector.

Lindsay Crawford
Operations Manager, Boreal Pet Food
Bioenterprise Recent Graduate & Mentorship Program


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