Bioenterprise Team Lends a Helping Hand

Bioenterprise Team Lends a Helping Hand

07.30.2018_Roothams Body Image 2From a cold spring to a very hot summer, asparagus-harvesting season has arrived. Many local farmers have grown a bumper crop of this fibre- vitamin rich vegetable. Producers look to Rootham Gourmet Preserves, a co-packing facility located on the out-skirts of Guelph, to can or pickle all excess vegetables and fruits, which they cannot sell fresh to consumers. In turn, this creates an additional source of income for farmers during the off-growing season.

With numerous crates of fresh asparagus sourced from local farmers, Will Rootham-Roberts, Operations Manager at Rootham Gourmet Preserves, was looking for additional assistance to turn this fresh asparagus into a delicious pickled asparagus. 

Bioenterprise had reached out in the early spring looking for an opportunity to tour of the facility. Instead, this opportunity to tour the co-packing facility turned into a great team building activity while also providing some much needed assistance to this local business. With over 500 jars of asparagus produced, the team packed the raw vegetable into various sized containers with different pickling ingredients. 

07.30.2018_Roothams Tour Body ImageThe Guelph-based company has a long history of sourcing locally grown fruits and vegetables and partnering with local farms and businesses. Since they successfully received the Bioenterprise Seed Fund in 2016, they were able to expand their processing capabilities and gained more than 25 new clients in only two months. Rootham Gourmet Preserves utilizes Ontario grown produce to develop canned goods throughout the growing season.

Interested in purchasing locally grown canned preserves or lending a helping hand for a great office outing? Be sure to check out the Rootham Gourmet Preserves website for a full list of store locations across Ontario and to contact them directly! 

Since the very successful pickling morning, the team at Bioenterprise has already planning their next visit to the facility when Ontario grown peaches are in season!


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