To help your innovative company find investment, sales and partnership opportunities, Bioenterprise established the Agri-Tech Innovation Portfolio. The portfolio promotes your company to some of the world's largest investors and then fosters deal-worthy introductions with our highly regarded and exclusive Innovation Partners.

Bioenterprise carefully vets agri-technology companies for the Agri-Tech Innovation Portfolio, who are primed for growth and have a high potential for global impact.

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The Agri-Tech Innovation Portfolio is your technology-scouting tool that augments any corporate innovation strategy. We bring the innovations to you with new enabling technologies, technology platforms and other strategic innovations added every month.

The Agri-Tech Innovation Portfolio is an online database, accessible any time, and includes customizable searches to suit your criteria – allowing you to easily sort through hundreds of company profiles.

Take advantage of our industry experts, science advisors and due diligence reports. And to help you find the innovation that gives your company an edge, we’ll provide technology assessments and make introductions to leading entrepreneurs, companies and their disruptive technologies.


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