• 22 April 2020



GUELPH, April 22, 2020 – Bioenterprise Corporation is proud to announce the addition of Neil Currie, former general manager of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), to its staff contingent. This addition is in line with the objectives of Bioenterprise to increase its presence and visibility with those in production agriculture, and their industry associations. Bioenterprise has been in the agricultural and food tech innovation space for more than 15 years, with proven results in enhancing company growth and innovation. With Neil's experience and sector connectivity, Bioenterprise now sets its sights on ensuring that key stakeholders in innovation, such as farmers and their representatives, are well informed with the new ideas and technologies that can improve producer profitability. 

“We are so pleased that Neil Currie has agreed to join us as we increase our compliment of personnel to address food and agri-tech innovation” says Dave Smardon, CEO of Bioenterprise Corporation. “Over the years, we have done a great job working with companies in this space, and have focused on their needs, including intellectual property, finance and capital, market research, reality checks and providing sound advice to the industry. In these challenging times it remains important for us to continue to look ahead and communicate opportunities with our primary agricultural stakeholders. Farmers are often the recipient of the new technologies that we help bring to market”.

Neil Currie spent 19 years with the OFA and has seen his share of change and innovation in the agricultural space. “Bioenterprise offers a lot of capability to the farm sector, but that sector may not be fully aware of what Bioenterprise does” says Neil Currie. “By joining Bioenterprise, I hope to raise the profile and knowledge of what we do for and with the farming community. We recognize that one of the best ways to do this is with the industry-led commodity and agri-food organizations. My role will be to collaborate with these groups that are so key to the ag and food sector in Canada”.

“Neil brings wonderful credibility and connection to the ag and food sector and is quite complimentary to my own experience working in the feed, crop protection, and horticultural sector” says Dr. John Kelly, Chief Innovation Officer for Bioenterprise Corporation. “When I was a leader at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association, one of the things that I really enjoyed was working with the farmers, who are skilled business people, trying to enhance the technology and profitability of their farms.  Neil will no doubt also increase our presence amongst this and the agri-food communities”.

Neil Currie’s work with Bioenterprise Corporation will focus on providing advice and counsel to Bioenterprise and its clients, assisting with Bioenterprise investment strategies for producers and producer associations (both provincial and national), providing project assistance for Bioenterprise and its clients and increasing the engagement that Bioenterprise has with producers and their associations in the agricultural and food community.