Dave Smardon

Dave Smardon has a background in establishing, growing and financing technology-based companies. Early in his career, Dave held a variety of mid-to senior level positions with corporations including Texas Instruments Inc. and Apple Computer Inc.

In 1984, he began a career as an entrepreneur establishing Learning Connections, an educational software company. In less than 15 months, he built the start-up company to one of Canada’s leading educational software companies and sold it to Unisys Corporation. In 1993, he founded Commcorp Technologies Inc., a spin-off company, providing technology outsourcing services and application software to the financial and banking communities. The company was subsequently sold in 1995 to their largest customer.

From 1986 through 1990, Dave headed up Apple Computer's Canadian venture capital activities. It was this experience that led him to establish his own personal investment and venture capital companies (Nibiru Investments and Capital Management Ltd.). During this period, he provided corporate finance services, venture capital investment and hands-on operational management to high growth companies. In addition, he provided advisory, due diligence and investment syndication services to the venture capital and institutional investment communities.

Dave became immersed in the agricultural sector in 2003 and in 2005, he assumed the role of President and CEO of Bioenterprise Corporation. Since then, he has built Bioenterprise into North America's leading business accelerator in the agricultural industry. He often compares the heady days of the hi-tech bubble with the agricultural sector today and he refers to agricultural-technology as the “New Wave” for investors. In 2010, he established Bioenterprise Capital Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on investments in emerging and innovative global agricultural firms.

Dave is an advocate for the creation and growth of a strong venture capital industry and he advises government, Family Offices and investment companies on agricultural investment activities. He is a strong supporter of Socially Responsible Investing and of Responsible Agricultural Investment practices. Dave sits on the boards of several companies and is an angel investor himself.