Dave Smardon

Dave Smardon is a seasoned executive with a background in establishing, growing, and financing technology-based companies.  He has the insight and outlook to confidently say agri-technology is a "New Wave" of investment opportunity.

A hugely successful entrepreneur himself, Dave campaigns on behalf of the interests of Canadian entrepreneurs, and strives to help build a venture capital industry in Canada that is both sustainable and active.  Dave also acts as an advisor to a number of government funding programs, offers his knowledge as a volunteer for several associations, and sits actively as a Board Member of more than a half-dozen companies.

Investing in his own ideas proved triumphant, when Dave founded three technology businesses: Learning Connections, Commcorp Technologies Inc., the Nibiru group of companies, including: Nibiru Tactical Corporation, Nibiru Investments, Nibiru Capital Management Limited and Nibiru Corporate Finance Inc.  These entities continue to be active today.

Throughout his career, Dave has been appointed to a variety of mid and senior level positions within industry leading companies, including: Texas Instruments Inc., Unisys Corporation, Meridian Technologies and Apple Computer Inc.  It was during this time that he developed very strong ties into the venture capital, investment banking and angel communities, in both the USA and Canada.  These ties remain strong today.